Prof M.L.Kalra

(Managing Director)

Being a global citizen to compete in the 21st century, Sunrise Group of Institutions the centre where the individuals are catered, cared and canalized effectively and efficiently for successful lives. The administrative and tutorial teams are working very hard to provide continuous support through entire duration of your study at our college. The future, our students get dynamic environment and excellent support to come out as bright professionals in various fields of higher education.

Our main focus is to flourish the college with vast selection of courses mainly in Engineering, Management, Computing, Accountancy, Health and Professional trainings. A team of highly skilled professionals with varied industry and academic experience are providing quality education and transferring knowledge to students with the determination to learn, advance their career and stand out with high degree of the proficiency in their field.

To offer quality education at an affordable and competitive price with a vision to ensure better career opportunities for our graduates is the key objective of the group.Our policy is to work together with the students by giving them the preference of any employment opportunities arising at SGI We are maintaining a close relationship with potential employers to provide assistance to our students for work experience, which in turn is creating a bridge between academics and professional world, for this endeavor our placement and industry relation cell works very dedicatedly to create and develop strategic alliances with various industries.

SGI is promoted by a group of experienced lecturers and experts providing quality education to specially Designed groups consisting of students in special fields. The students are given specialized training on the curriculum with use of all modern day education tools together with strong emphasis on industrial visits and real life experiences.

I would like to extend my gratitude to all prospective students who are exploring what Sunrise group of Institutions is offering. The one-stop education hub offering wide range of courses with the combination of well experienced teaching faculties who significantly contribute in reaching the apex of perfection in your career prospects and I look forward to seeing you at Sunrise Group of institutions.

Prof M.L.Kalra
(Managing Director, Sunrise Group of Institutions)

Mr. Harish Rajani


It gives me great pleasure to introduce Sunrise Group of Institutions as an upcoming educational hub in various fields of higher level of education. Since its inception in 2003, Sunrise Group of Institutions is committed to offer specialized courses in various streams of education to cater the growing need of higher education in the society.

In our pursuit of and commitment to excellence, we value the highest quality of learning, teaching, rewarding and service to the society. We value opportunities and experience that support personal and professional development for all members of our society. In all that we say and do, we are committed to the process, product and service of excellence.

Our group is dedicated to create a culture that provides lifelong learning and opportunities for all members of the Sunrise family. We are especially committed to transforming students lives by engaging them in an educational environment that empowers the students with the skills and knowledge to become effective leaders and responsible citizens in their personal and professional life.

We must collectively bring about the renaissance by emphasizing strong leadership, shared governance, building on the strength of institution, restoring the integrity of the institute and delivering high quality educational process and products to students.

Mr. Harish Rajani
(Chairman , Sunrise Group of Institutions)

Er. Himanshu Jain


Today's business environment needs constantly innovation in order to sustain and grow in the industrial sector.

SGI believe that today’s youth need to adapt to the changing environment and explore the technical abilities to match with the current business scenario.

We are also proud of our intellectual capital the team of rich and highly qualified faculties who whole heartedly work towards providing the students best they can, at the same time upgrading themselves of the latest trends and technologies by engaging in various kinds research activities and publications.

Er. Himanshu Jain
(Director , Sunrise Group of Institutions)

Mr. Sunil Shrimali

(Secretary )

Sunrise Group of Institutions, SGI has been established with a vision to become a leading which impart futuristic technical education, managerial skills and instill high patterns of discipline through our dedicated and qualified staff, which will set global standards, making our students technologically superior and ethically strong & make youth India globally competent to take up the challenges of ever expanding fields of technology. The college is dedicated to the goal of educating students with state of art infrastructure and highly qualified and capable faculty

Since its inception, SGI has laid a emphasis on quality education.

Mr. Sunil Shrimali
(Secretary , Sunrise Group of Institutions)

Mr.Mohit Rajani

Director SGI

Our college is committed to impart quality technical education with ingrained ethical values. We are committed to instill inquisitiveness amongst all students who can acquire the necessary technical knowledge and skills. By encouraging learning through enquiry, logic and developing fearless attitude towards fulfillment of curiosity, true know how& skill-sets can be acquired.

Our endeavor to catalyst change in imparting technical knowledge so as to differentiate out students from the rest is firmly embedded in our belief that 21st Century Engineer from this college would be a Lifelong learner, Critical Thinker and Leader of a change. We believe that a four year Engineering Degree Course bestows.

Mr.Mohit Rajani
(Director, Sunrise Group of Institutions)